How Old Is Too Old for Toys?

How Old Is Too Old for Toys?

Are you wondering how old is too old for toys? We met up with our friends over at Jacksonville Mom and discussed this in depth. The condensed version is -  kids are NEVER too old for toys! 

If your child starts to seem too old for toys, it isn’t time to get rid of playthings altogether. This is a new developmental stage, and just like when they progressed from a tricycle to a bike, it is time to transition to a different types of play. This is when kids get really good at applying information they already know to new situations.

Here are our top five picks for toys for ‘tweens and teens that will keep them healthy, engaged and happy!mozi arm slinky is a fun and calming toy for teens and tweens

Mozi - Mozi is like a slinky for your arm. It is calming and mesmerizing, but you can learn some pretty cool tricks with it too.

 Rock And Roll It - Drum

Rock & Roll It Drums - This Flexible completely portable Roll up Drum Kit can have your kids channeling their inner rockstar without driving your neighbors crazy. Through the included set of headphones, this sounds like a live drum set, but luckily there is no external speaker!

 CDX Coasters are Lego compatible roller coasters that really work

For the Lego-loving kid who might be edging towards “too old for toys” CDX Coasters are a perfect gift. These Lego-compatible, functional roller coasters are designed by actual roller coaster engineers and teach important physics and engineering concepts while still being fun.

exit escape rooms are great for teens and teen parties

For those who love escape rooms, Exit Games are like having an escape room in your own home. They meet a teen's developmental need for complex decision making, but the best part is they are perfect for a party!

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