Fidget Spinners and REAL Fidget Tools

fidget spinners are a toy not a tool

“Fidgets”, while a new buzz-word, is not a new category of toy. Fidgets- open-ended toys that are made to manipulate, bend, fold, or “fidget” with- have been around for a long time. If you’ve ever owned Silly Putty you’ve owned a fidget toy. Fidget toys give children and adults a chance to daydream, think creatively, and release stress. They are important tools for children and adults with attention and anxiety issues.

If you know a kid, you've heard of Fidget Spinners. Sold as a tool to help with focus, they are little more than an expensive scam that is causing real trouble in and out of the classroom...


Fidget Spinners have a lot of problems, and, unlike other toy crazes, this is particularly troubling.

To be frank, Fidget Spinners are annoying. They whirl, they clack, they clunk on the floor, and the worst - they literally fly across the room. Kids spin and battle with them, they learn tricks on YouTube, they collect them, tease one another for not having them, and - after you’ve gone through all the trouble of hunting one down, they will lose interest in them within a month.

Real fidgets don’t light up or have YouTube trick tutorials. What has been branded as a fidget toy, simply isn’t. Fidget toys are discreet and not a distraction to those around you. They don’t advertise your need for help focusing or dealing with anxiety, and they don’t turn your fidgeting into a show for everyone else to watch. (Also, there is nothing to fidget with a spinner.. you simply spin it and watch it.)


Fidget Spinners are hurting, not helping kids. Teachers have been allowing children with special needs to use fidgets in classrooms to aid with focus and anxiety for years. By jumping onto the fidget bandwagon, these annoying toys are getting fidgets banned from entire school districts and discrediting the very real benefit of fidget toys. This is, in many districts, preventing children who really need a fidget from being able to have them.


There is a very good chance you will get ripped off buying one. As soon as Fidget Spinners got popular, they got counterfeited, and that is the reality. Companies are 3D printing inferior products that break quickly, and are potentially dangerous. The ball-bearings fall out, the plastic cracks, the paint chips. To keep up with the demand, even local retailers are sourcing inferior products, and selling them at the same prices as the originals. Retailers are taking advantage of what will be a short-lived popularity and are marking them up to sometimes ridiculous levels.

If you would like to take advantage of the very real benefits of fidget toys, we suggest:

Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty $3.95- $14.95 - Silly Putty taken to the next level, Crazy Aaron’s has been around for nearly 20 years. It is made in the US by exceptional people with intellectual and physical disabilities. You can bend it, stretch it, pull it, twist it, bend it - and it doesn’t make a sound. You can play with it in your pocket and no one will know. (Plus there are a lot of different versions and they are really cool.)

Klix, $3.95 - Kilx does make a noise… a little satisfying click when you bend it and twist it. It slips discreetly into your pocket and is the perfect fidget.

Whirl-O, $7.95 - If you prefer your fidget to be more like a toy, this old school spinning toy is far more fun and mesmerizing than a spinner, but like spinners, we don’t recommend them for the classroom.

Slinky, $4.95 - $9.95 - We don’t have to explain to you how fun a Slinky is! Even if you aren’t racing it downstairs, a slinky on your desk can be just the thing you need to inspire your next great idea, or decompress after a stressful meeting.

Like many other stores, we could have sold a lot of Fidget Spinners at a huge markup, but we chose not to. We are YOUR neighborhood toy store, and we take our motto: “Smart Toys. Smart Prices” seriously. We believe strongly in the power of QUALITY play opportunities for children and adults, and we promise not to let the potential for big profits sway our judgement. It is our goal that in store or online, you will always find a carefully curated selection of only the best toys at fair prices.