Busting Summer Boredom

1. Summer Bucket List: Have each member of the family make a list of 10 things they want to do before the end of summer. Share your lists. Do some of the same activities appear on more than one list? Make those your priority and get to checking those activities off! Your list should be realistic and can be as simple as you'd like. Some of the activities we have checked off our family list this summer include: eating pie, looking for butterflies, reading books, and having a picnic. 

2. Bored Box: The Bored Box can be a friend or an enemy. If you have a Bored Box at home, you'll hear the words "I'm Bored" far less often. Fill a shoe box full of slips of paper, folded, with ideas of things to do written inside. The activities on the slips of paper should be a mix of treats, such as "eat ice cream" or "watch a show on TV" and age appropriate chores such as "pull weeds" or "wash the dog". This is your chance to be as creative as you like! The rule is, if you say "I'm Bored," you have to pull a slip out of the bored box, and whatever you draw, you have to do! Some of our Bored Box favorites are "find a new use for an old toy" and "eat a jalapeno".  As with everything, adults are encouraged to participate, too!

3. Family Game Night: All the benefits of Family Game Nights warrant a separate article, but family game nights are a great boredom buster for everyone and are an excellent chance to connect and spend fun quality time together. Plus, it's a guilt-free excuse to order out for dinner! Some of our favorite family games are Oddly Obvious, Chickapig, and for families with younger, high-energy kids, The Floor Is Lava. You can get all of these games on our website and in our downtown Fernandina Beach location.

4. Backyard Camping: It's just like camping, but without the pressure! Remove the hassle of hauling your gear, and set up a campsite in your own backyard! Make s'mores, grill out, tell stories around a fire (or grill). You'll get a new perspective on your home and your neighborhood by spending the night outside, and have a chance to really get to know the nature that surrounds you! Plus, nice restrooms are always easily accessible! 

5. Explore Your Neighborhood: Find places near you that you haven't been, and pay them a visit. Check out live theater, eat at a new restaurant, or explore a trail at a local park. If you start looking, you'll be surprised at all of the things your community has to offer. For ideas in Northeast Florida/ Southeast Georgia, check out Mamamelia's Family Calendar or Jacksonville Moms' Calendar of Events.

We hope you an your family have an amazing summer filled with fun activities, but DON'T BE AFRAID TO BE BORED! Research has shown that boredom is good for kids (and adults, too!) it can help build imagination and ingenuity. A little boredom can be a good thing. 

For more ideas on how to make this the most EPIC summer ever - we've put together a list of the top summer toys The 5 BEST TOYS FOR SUMMER