Our Commitments

Commitment to Toy Safety

Safety is our priority and commitment to our customers.  When selecting our products, we only buy from reputable companies who share our priority of offering safe, high quality toys in the hands of your children.  Our products meet or exceed all current laws and regulations governing juvenile products.  

Commitment to Our Community

Giving back to our community is very important to us! While we support a wide range of non-profit organizations, we focus our giving and volunteer time on youth-serving organizations. Through our "Spirit Day" program, in-kind donations, and mentoring youth, we are a small business making a big impact in our community.

Commitment to The Environment

Villa Villekulla Neighborhood Toy Store offers a unique selection of toys whose impact on the environment is minimal. When selecting our toys we look at where they are made, what they are made from, and where they will end up. By focusing on quality toys, verses cheap "disposable" toys, we are lightening our impact on the environment. 

Here are some ways we ‘go green’:

Recycle! Plastic, Glass, Paper, and more!

Reuse boxes and shipping material

Offer quality toys that last a long time so they can be passed on and won't end up in landfill

Avoid products with excessive packaging

Use both sides of paper before recycling it

Carry products made from renewable resources, recycled materials, and organic cloth

Purchase supplies made from recycled materials

Use biodegradable shopping bags

Use non-toxic, biodegradable cleaning products

Commitment to Our Customers

Our goal is to make sure you leave our store with a smile and a perfect toy! Our "Play Experts" are trained in understanding the role play "plays" in childhood development, and adult creativity and stress relief - we know a lot about toys, and want to make sure you get the perfect toy, whether it is a gift or for yourself! We know that once you come play with us, you will be back, and that's why our VIP program is fast, easy and simple!  No need to keep ahold of a rewards card, we keep it for you.  Simply, inform us that you are a VIP member and we’ll take care of the rest.