Why Are Our Easter Baskets So Special?

Why Are Our Easter Baskets So Special?

At Villa Villekulla Toy Store, we've been using our Play Expert Certifications and Education to revolutionize Easter Baskets since our first year in business.

You don't want more junk, you don't have tons of time, but you want to celebrate the holiday with something special for this kids you love. 

We understand and we're here to help! Each Villa Villekulla Easter Basket, is lovingly curtated by a person with extensive knowledge of toys and how they promote childhood development. They are each stuffed with high quality toys, not junky seasonal trinkets or cheap candy. 

Order an Easter Basket and pick it up in our Fernandina Beach store, have us deliver it to your front porch in Nassau or Duval counties, or let us ship it to you anywhere in the country!

Our Easter Baskets are selected, created and delivered to your front door by people who genuinely care about your children and who's main goal is to help you create magical memories. 

We are looking forward to making Easter magic for your Honey Bunnies! 

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