The Top Toys of 2020

The Top Toys of 2020

If ever there were a year to appreciate toys, and the way they help us destress, decompress and how they support learning at home, 2020 was the year! 

Here it is, the winners of the most popular toys of 2020!! These toys are the toys that you, our customers, loved the best - and are sure to enjoy well into the future! 

  1. Easter Baskets! In 2020 we revolutionized our Easter Basket game, and we plan to do even more in 2021! (Stay Tuned!) Our play experts created epic custom Easter Baskets and delivered them all over Northeast Florida. This was our most popular offering of the entire year and we can’t wait to do it again! 
  2. Tenzi - Our favorite game turned out to be yours, too! This fast-paced dice game is fun for mixed age groups and even easy for Zoom game nights. 
  3. Pippi Longstocking Doll - It’s no secret we are big fans of the “strongest girl in the world” and it turns out you are, too!
  4. Sea Turtle Hatchling - Together with you, we raised a lot of funds for the Marine Life Rescue Center in Clearwater through the sales of these adorable Sea Turtle Hatchlings! 
  5. Doinkit Darts - A top seller for 5 years running! Darts that don’t hurt when you miss. 
  6. Spin Again - The little ones love the Spin Again and parents love it because it keeps busy toddlers engaged and teaches fine motor, gross motor, organizational and reasoning skills. 
  7. Surfer Dudes- The perfect beach toy is always a favorite - especially when it is too cold to swim!
  8. Spooner Boards - For busy, active kids, you found that nothing beats a Spooner! 
  9. Surf Floor Liquid Tiles - These sensory floor tiles aren’t just great decor, they help sooth nervous children, improve focus and are just plain fun! 
  10. Wheel Brightz Bundle Pack - These fly at out the door year round - we love seeing all the brightly lit bikes rolling through town! 

Honorable Mention: Crazy Aaron’s Treasure Surprise - we sold enough of these tiny tins of sensory treasure to be worth mentioning! Everyone loves Crazy Aarons! 

Here's to a less stressful 2021 filled with more awesome toys!

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