Why is the monkey in the barrel in the first place? Are the monkeys happy? If they aren't happy, well that wouldn't be much fun. However, we have a saying inour store, EVERYTHING is more fun with a monkey! Have you noticed there';s a little monkey riding on our hot air balloon? And our favorite character, Pippi Longstocking, has a companion who is a very well-dressed monkey, Mr. Nillson. So where did this phrase originate? 

According to Portable Press More fun than a Barrel of Monkeys is a phrase that is actual meant to be sarcastic! It originated in the 1890s to describe something that actually wasn't fun.

That makes sense, a barrel full of monkeys would probably not be fun at all! So - there you have it- while everything is more fun with a monkey (like our Logo and Pippi Longstocking) a barrel of monkeys isn't fun at all! Let those monkeys out of the barrel!